03 is the 4th Episode of the parody series, Youjo Shenki.

Summary Edit

Tanya and Viktoriya are standing together in front of a nutcracker while Tanya is spacing out. She thinks about her life and complains about various things in her mind like Being X, Doctor Schugel and military problems.


Tanya strangling the nutcracker

Thereafter, she made angry and irritated expressions as she suddenly walks up to the nutcracker, starting to grasp and wrench it.

Visha is terrified while watching Tanya's tempt to destroy the toy and eventually calls out to her. That catches her attention, Visha then asks Tanya about her scary and grim faces.

Tanya just made up an quick answer which was she had bad memories with nutcrackers. Thus, it relived Visha again.

She told Tanya about her bad childhood when she was bullied and got her own nutcracker split into two pieces ; the body and the head. This gave Tanya an idea on how she could kill Being X when he shows up.

Thinking out loud, she scares Visha again. She just sighs and states that a child and a soldier like her would feel stressed sometimes. Visha feels relatable but Tanya shot a glare and changed her mind.