The following is a list of events as they take place in the world of the Youjo Senki series, starting from the past and heading toward the present story line.

Past Life

  • After 1980 AD, born for the first time.
  • 22nd February 2013 AD, Tanya's previous life as Japanese salaryman ended.

Present Life

Pre-military life (Unified Year 1914~1921)

  • 18th July 1914, Tanya's birth.
  • 24th September 1914, Tanya is adopted by an orphanage after being abandoned by her biological mother.
  •  ?? October 1914, Tanya starts to form coherent thoughts when spoon fed by her caretaker. Her first memory as Tanya Degurechaff.
  • October 1917, Tanya begins learning to read and write.
  • August 1919, she gets into a fight about food at the orphanage and achieves a 'peaceful' resolution.
  • October 1921, examined by military officer as a child with high magical aptitude.
  • November 1921, a notice of future conscription is sent to Tanya.
  • Tanya's interview to enroll to Officer Candidate School, she answers "I have no other path." when questioned about her reason to volunteer.

Military School Period (Unified Year 1922~1923)

Unified Year 1922

  • Tanya enrolls into Officer Candidate School.
  • Erich von Rerugen's first encounter with Tanya during his inspection, Tanya displays her strategic mind in class.
  • Second inspection, Rerugen watches Tanya greeting new students as their drill inspector.
  • Third inspection, Rerugen witnesses Tanya threatening insubordinate cadet with lobotomy.

Unified Year 1923

  • During an exercise, Tanya leads a group of cadets through rebel infested area and saves isolated comrades.
  • Brigadier General Walkopf and the Intelligence Bureau recommend Tanya for the 2nd Class Iron Cross award and issue her enrollment to War College, which is rejected by Rerugen.
  •  ?? June, Tanya is send to Norden for her deployment training. Completing her officer course and graduated early at the age of nine years old.

Junior Officer Period (Unified Year 1923~1924)

Unified Year 1923

  • June, Tanya is commissioned in emergency of Legadonia Federation's border violation as Second Lieutenant. First mission as Artillery Observer.
  • Norden Incident occurrs. Tanya first confronts with Anson Sioux and his subordinates.
  • Tanya is honored with Silver Wings Assault Medal, followed by ceremony for the medal and second naming as "White Silver".
  • General Staff decides to mobilize the entire continental army, launching a major offensive against Legadonia.
  • Tanya's change of assignment to the Tactical Training Department, and works in Elinium Lab.
  • Being-X interfere directly for the first time with blessing Elinium Type-95.
  • Francois Republic declares war on the Empire, opening the second front in Lowland Industry Area.
  • Tanya's deployment to the western front as reinforcement and her first meeting with Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov.
  • Elimination of Named Killers by Tanya with diffusive magical explosion.
  • Republican confirms the existence of "The Devil of Rhine".

Unified Year 1924

  • War College candidate selection review.
  • Tanya receives notice of her enrollment to War College and leaves Rhine. On the same day Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov is recommended for officer course in Officer Candidate School. Tanya is promoted to First Lieutenant.
  • Tanya begins to attend War College.

War College Period (Unified Year 1924)

  • Six month after entering War College, Tanya meets Brigadier General von Zettour in War College Library and discusses the possible Global War and concept of Rapid Response Mage Wing.
  • Rerugen is sent to inspect regional armies.
  • War College field trip to Alps.
  • Brigadier General von Zettour proposes the Rapid Response Mage Battalion in General Staff conference and is approved.
  • Tanya graduates from War College in 11th place, becoming one of Twelve Knights and given noble status.

Organization of V-601 and Dacian War (Unified Year 1924)

  • Zettour informs Tanya of her new post as Organizing Officer of the V601 training unit. Tanya is promoted to the rank of Captain.
  • Tanya reunits with Visha, who becomes her new adjutant.
  • Selection process of candidates through optical illusion test.
  • Tanya gathers the remaining candidates for spartan retraining in Alps.
  • Elinium Type-97 is distributed to V-601.
  • Completing their retraining and receiving notice for deployment to Southeastern Theater from Rerugen. Tanya is promoted to Major to lead newly formed 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion.
  • Grand Duchy of Dacia declares war on Empire, opening the third front in Imperial Dacia.
  • 24th September, Tanya's tenth birthday.
  • 25th September, the world's first Night Air Urban Raid in capital of Dacia.
  • November, Dacia capitulates after six weeks of one-sided war.

Norden, Legadonian War

Unified Year 1924, November

  • 5th November, order for 203rd Mage Battalion's deployment to Norden is issued.
  • 6th November, 203rd defends Kraggana Supply Depot and destroys foreign volunteer Command Post.
  • 7th November, Legadonia and foreign forces withdraw from Norden.
  • 16th November, in the conference of Northern Front, Rudersdorf drafts an airborne and amphibious operation plan, and reaches a consensus of a winter offensive with Northern Front. Later, Tanya has a meeting with him, and discusses about that invasion plan.
  • 29th November, Tanya attends a meeting with North Sea Fleet officers, and receives an order to prepare for a paratroop operation.

Unified Year 1924, December

  • 1st December, Tanya and 203rd attack Osfjord and succeed through joined cooperation with North Sea Fleet, Air Force and Northern army.  
  • 4th December, Allied Kingdom receives telegram from Legadonia for help establishing government in exile. Mary Sue meets Mr. John in church.  
  • 10th December, Anson's family evacuate from Legadonia.  
  • 11th December, Tanya is called from vacation for emergency mission from Rudersdorf. The 203rd confronts Legadonian mages in coast of Norden. Anson Sue loses his life in this battle in the hands of Tanya.
  • Later, they inspect the UK ship Rythal, and damage the S-class submarine Syrtis by the warning shots.

Western Front (January to June, Unified Year 1925)

  • 18th January, the 203rd assists the Imperial North Sea Fleet in the anti-mage combat exercise.
  • 24th February, the Imperial Military Court declares the case that 203rd damaged the UK submarine inadmissible.
  • March, order for 203rd Mage Battalion's deployment to Western Front is issued.  
  • 5th April, 203rd receives the training mission. Glanz and other mages are training in 203rd. Glanz stays in 203rd after training completed.
  • 28th April, in the Army Strategic HQ joint conference, Rudersdorf proposes General Staff his astonishing operation plan.  
  • 4th May, Arene Incident occurrs.  
  • 10th May, phase one "Fog and Sun" of Operation Revolving Door is executed.  
  • 25th May, phase two "Shock and Awe" of Operation Revolving Door is executed.
  • Later, United Kingdom asks the Empire for "restitutio in integrum", and is rejected by the Imperial General Staff. 
  • 27th May, phase four "Operation 177" of Operation Revolving Door is executed.  
  • 18th June, the Imperial Army marches toward the Republic's capital.  
  • 19th June, Operation an Ark is executed.  
  • 20th June, Imperial General Staff issues the armistice order to Imperial Army.  

Southern Continent Campaign (August, 1925 to March, 1926)

  • 22nd August, Mary Sue joined the US volunteer force.  
  • 29th August, in the Army Strategic HQ joint conference, General Staff decides to send an expeditionary force to Southern Continent.  
  • 4th September, order for 203rd Mage Battalion's deployment to Southern Continental Expeditionary Army is issued.  
  • 22nd September, Maj. General de Lugo reorganizes the Republican colonial army and sorties to defend the colonies.  
  • Midnight of 12th October, the Imperial Southern Continent Expeditionary Corps is encircled by the Republican colonial army.  
  • Morning of 13th October, the Imperial Southern Continent Expeditionary Corps breaks out of enemy encirclement.  
  • 1st November, Duke Marlborough, the new prime minister of Commonwealth, delivers a speech.  


  • Tanya's birth date is specified as 18th July Unified Year 1914 in Light Novel, but anime's subtitle state 1913.
  • Student Candidate Review for War College was held in unspecified month in 1924, only manga specify this event to be held in June. Which would follow the usual schedule of educational year in Europe. However this make the accelerated course in War College to be extremely short as Tanya graduate in few months and Light Novel mention she spent more than six month in said institution.
  • In manga and Light Novel, Tanya is repeatedly mentioned to be eleven years old in 1924, even though she suppose to be ten years old during Dacian War.
  • In the light novel, the Army Strategic HQ joint conference is in 28th April, and Arene Incident in 4th May. In the anime, the Army Strategic HQ joint conference happened later than Arene Incident.