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Chapter 1 first page

The Youjo Senki Manga is the manga adaption of Youjo Senki light novel series illustrated by Chika Tōjō and published by Kadokawa.

Volumes Edit

Volume 1 Edit


Released December 10, 2016

Chapter 1: The Sky of Norden
Chapter 2: Type 95 Elinium Operation Orb
Chapter 3: Die Wacht am Rhein I
Chapter 4: Die Wacht am Rhein I
Chapter 5: Die Wacht am Rhein III
Chapter 6: War College 1
Chapter 7: War College II
Chapter 8: War College III
Chapter 9: Andrew Reports: Mysteries of the Eleventh Goddess and V600

Volume 2 Edit

Released December 26, 2016

Volume 3 Edit

Released January 26, 2017

Volume 4 Edit

Released April 10, 2017


Volume 5 Edit

Released May 10, 2017

Volume 6 Edit

Released June 9, 2017

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