Prepare to Advance
Anime Episode 9
Episode information
Japanese Title 前進準備
Air Date March 10, 2017
Theme Songs
Opening Song Jingo Jungle
Ending Song Los! Los! Los!
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Previous Episode Youjo Senki Episode 8
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Prepare to Advance (前進準備) is the 9th Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

Few days later after the battle at Arene, Tanya meets Major Uger who tells her of a plan to withdraw Imperial forces on the Rhine front to draw the Republic forces into a trap.

Hans von Zettour proposed this plan at the Command Strategy Conference and arranged to use Tanya’s Mage Battalion to fight a rearguard action.

While the Empire spreads rumors of a large-scale assault, Lieutenant Colonel Erich von Rerugen tells Tanya that the plan for the second phase "Shock and Awe" is to take out the Republic command headquarters and communication system.

Doctor Schugal announces a new high-speed rocket weapon, the V-1, to be guided by the mages to the three potential locations of the enemy headquarters.

Meanwhile the Republic forces confidently begin their advance into the area vacated by the Imperial troops. 

Trivia Edit

  • The V-1s depicted are similar to those used during World War II, aside from a few notable differences; they're powered by five engines as opposed to one, the fuel is hydrogen rather than petroleum, and the units serve as high-speed, long-range transports for mages instead of cruise missiles. The mages are carried internally, occupying a crude cockpit located just behind the nose-mounted warhead.