Anime Episode 11
Episode information
Japanese Title 抵抗者
Air Date March 24, 2017
Theme Songs
Opening Song Jingo Jungle
Ending Song Los! Los! Los!
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Resistance (抵抗者) is the 11th Episode of the Youjo Senki anime.

Summary Edit

Tanya's diminished smaller company attack the battalion of Allied Kingdom mages rather than retreat. Their company use their altitude advantage but suffer heave losses, especially when Colonel Sioux uses an illegal Trench Gun.

Sioux pursues Tanya and when they come face-to-face she stabs him. She then recognizes him from their previous encounter, but he is possessed by Being X and he grabs her. Viktoriya helps Tanya break free and she empties an entire magazine into Sioux, penetrating his mage defenses. Riddled with bullets, he detonates an explosive, but Tanya and Viktoriya resist the blast just as a battalion of Imperial reinforcements arrive and chase off the Allied Kingdom mages.

After the severe losses in the Imperial "surround and destroy" operation, the Republican troops abandon the capital city Parisee.

The Imperial High Council congratulates the military on their success, and discuss the acquisition of the Republic's colonies. While the men of the mage unit celebrate on a Republican beach, Tanya and Viktoriya discuss the ending of the war, but Tanya suspects the Republic is planning to evacuate by sea to prepare a counter offensive.

She requests permission to attack the Republican military port of Brest, but it is refused and she is also prevented from undertaking her own "reconnaissance". She bemoans this opportunity to end the war.