The world of Youjo Senki Wiki has, with the exception of the presence of magic, a lot of similarities to Europe during the time of the First World War. As such, numerous real-life weapons from the period appear in the anime and manga.

The following weapons are listed:


Small ArmsEdit

Luger P08Edit

Luger P08 - Tanya

Tanya equipped with a Luger P08

Tanya is seen armed with a Luger P08 semi-automatic pistol in the ending sequence. The Luger was the standard issue pistol for the German Army in both the First and Second World War, and presumably plays a similar role for the Empire.

Light-Weight WeaponsEdit

Mauser Gewehr 98Edit

Mondragón RifleEdit

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Tanya equipped with Scoped Mondragon Rifle and MG-30.

Mages in the Imperial Army use Mondragón rifles at their primary weapons, often firing magic rounds out of them. In real life, the Mondragón was a Mexican semi-automatic rifle of the early 1900s, the first such weapon to become standard issue in a national army. The Mondragón was sold to Germany in the First World War, but proved unreliable in the muddy conditions of the trenches, and was thus mostly used as an aircraft weapon until enough machine guns were available. The use of the weapon by mages somewhat mirrors it's real-life deployment in the WWI.

MG-30 (Manga) Edit

The MG-30 is one of the two primary weapons used by Imperial Mages (the other being the Mondragon Rifle). In the Rhine Front, Tanya was wielding both weapons during her search and rescue mission. While the Mondragon Rifle is considered all-purpose for Air Mages. The MG 30 was better suited for close hit and run tactics.

Explaining in a gaming aspect, the MG 30 had higher Damage-per-second due to the fact its a machine gun while the Mondragon Rifle had higher Damage-per-shot, range and bullet velocity.

MG-08 MaximEdit



Armored VehicleEdit


A Panzer III during Operation 177.

Panzer IIIEdit

Unusually for the World War I-like setting of the anime, the tanks used by the Empire are identical to real-world Panzer III tanks used by Germany in World War II. The Panzer III was the primary German medium tank early in the war, armed initially with a 37mm main gun.



Bayern-class BattleshipEdit

Small ArmsEdit

Lebel 1886Edit

RSC M1917Edit

Vickers Machine GunEdit


Transport PlaneEdit

Light-Weighted ArmsEdit

M1 GarandEdit

The Allied Kingdom mages use the M1 Garand rifle, an American rifle that saw service in the Second World War. This weapon is one of a few that are anachronistic the World War I theme of the anime.


Anson Sioux equipped with M1897 Trench Gun.

M1897 Trench GunEdit

Anson Sioux uses an M1897 Trench Gun, a pump-action shotgun modified for military service. In real life, the trench gun saw use by the US military as a trench assault weapon during World War I. Interestingly

Tanya notes that the use of the weapon is a treaty violation, a reference to the real-world German protests that the gun caused unnecessary suffering because of the multiple pellets, even going as far as threatening to execute any American prisoners captured with the weapon.

Light-Weighted ArmsEdit

Swedish MauserEdit

M1 GarandEdit

The Entente Alliance mages use the M1 Garand rifle, an American rifle that saw service in the Second World War. This weapon is, along with a few that do not fit the World War I theme of the anime


Lewis GunEdit

The bombers operated by the Allied Kingdom unit sent to support the Norden rebels are armed with twin Lewis machine guns in a forward turret for defensive armament, which they use to shoot down several mages. In real life, the Lewis Gun was a weapon widely used in the First World War by the British Commonwealth, both on land and as an aircraft armament, much like how it is depicted in the anime.


Bleroit 127Edit

The Entent Alliance employed a squadron of Bleroit 127. These bombers are of a twin-engine monoplane design, equipped with a forward twin Lewis Gun turret, as well as two turrets on the rear of the aircraft for engaging enemy fighters or mages. The aircraft also carries a large bomb load. In real life, the Bleroit 127 was a French bomber used from 1929-1934.

Light-Weighted ArmsEdit

Roth–Steyr M1907Edit

The Dakian officer who attempts fire on Tanya and her unit carries a Roth-Steyr M1907. In real life, the Roth-Steyr M1907 was an Austrian cavalry side-arm. The defining features of this pistol, designed by Karel Krnka, include the bulky barrel frame (the barrel must be fully enclosed as the pistol operates on long-recoil action principle), the oversized iron sights, the stripper-clip-fed fixed internal magazine (detachable magazines DO NOT HAVE LANYARD SLOTS), and the large tubular bolt handle where one would usually expect a firing hammer. Sadly, it appears that the Dakian officer hasn't realized that it takes more than 5 rounds of 8x18 Roth-Steyr to break through a magical ballistic barrier!

Mannlicher M1893Edit

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