• War College Building in Anime
  • War College Building in Manga

Imperial War College is a military academy which is intended educate and train future senior officer that would serve as excellent and capable commanders across all levels within the Imperial Army command structure. It is also often the place where advanced tactical and strategic thought is conducted, both for the purpose of developing doctrine. As shown by thesis on "Legalization of Urban Warfare" by Tanya Degurechaff that submitted to their lab and used by General Zettour. Their library also house wealth of knowledge collected from their alumnus and historical record.


  • Candidate Selection in Anime
  • Candidate Selection in Manga

Process of selection for future students in War College is divided to three rounds of review. This is done to make sure that all sorts of possible factors during the selection process is taken into consideration.

First round of review is an anonymous examination, in which documents containing the personal information of the candidates were excluded, and the examination process was done by a panel of judges. The examiners are only able to see the actual accomplishments of each candidate, as well as the evaluations given by the Training and Intel Department. This process ensure unbiased judgement and prevent favoritism.

Second and third round of review are done for two purpose, either to review if there are rejected candidates from first round of elimination could be eligible for enrollment from another angle of examination. Or to re-evaluate the candidate passed on first round, and reject their enrollment if they failed.

Only after third round of review when the examination is over that personal information of each candidate is disclosed, only on special case anonymity is lifted prior to final selection.