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Unified States flag

Unified States (合州国) is a big nation with a vast territory that includes 50 states. They have several colonies, and one of the most important strategic places are not-Philippines and not-Hawaii.

Arkansas, one of its states is shown in anime and where Anson Sue's daughter Mary lives with her mother.

International Relations

  • Allied Kingdom (連合王国?) - Due to lack of personnel, the Allied Kingdom signed up an agreement to US to share knowledge, technology, and volunteers to fight the Empire.
  • Empire (帝国) - They were the competitors in some industries, and also the trading partners at the same time. The US' public will tended to continue their trading relationships, but the government thought of the Empire as hostile. Because of self-interest to defeat the Empire's economical and military might, US decided to support the Entente Alliance, declaring a war and villifying Empire as an evil menace that needs to be defeated immediately; protecting the democracy against their tyranny.

Military Strength


US has the second most advanced army in the alternate world. Majority of their manpower were all focus in land, air and sea. They are the second most powerful country, but are not yet powerful enough to withstand the Empire. US and the Empire are also the only two country that accept female soldiers.


They have large amount long-ranged and heavy-barreled battleships resides mostly in not-Hawaii and not-Philippines.


They have minimum air power and resistance, but they also have advanced long-ranged fighter planes. All of their pilots are elite and highly-trained personnel. Therefore, they put a lot of effort to maintain the air superiority in the sky.


Research and Development

Nuclear Power - US scientist are starting to manufacture a nuclear core. They successfully engaged it in the free test and the first bomb will be tested in the major city of Empire.


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