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Unified States flag

Unified States (合州国) is a democratic state located in the continent at the west of the one most countries in this series located in. It was described by a seaman in manga as a nation which is filled with agriculture, oil, and spectacular buildings. Arkansas, one of its states, is the home-place of Anson Sue's wife.

International Relations

  • Allied Kingdom (連合王国) - The US has special historical relationships with the Allied Kingdom. After the Allied Kingdom declared war on the Empire, the US sent volunteers, sold the weaponry, and made some lend-lease program to help them fight the Empire.
  • Empire (帝国) - They were the competitors in some industries, and also the trading partners at the same time. The US' public will tended to continue their trading relationships, but the government thought of the Empire as hostile.
  • Rus' Union / Russy Federation (anime) (ルーシー連邦) - The exact relationships are not clear, yet several US armored vehicle are used by the red army in Eastern Front in volume 7.

Military Strength


Not much information are available so far. In manga, US and the Empire are the only two countries that accept female soldiers.


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Research and Development

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In volume 4, they had just developed a powerful tank that refers to M26 Pershing and new operation orb named “Type 6F high water resistance model”, yet both their amount hasn't satisfied their domestic demand.


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  • They are the reference of United States of America.