The Youjo Senki Web novel is the official draft made by Carlo Zen before the original LN published to the public

Difference Between Web Novel and Light Novel

Listed characters didn't appear in Web Novel

  • Visha
  • Colonel Bega
  • Grants

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There are various incidents and operations that the Web Novel has deep similarity and difference to the official cannon series of Light novel and manga. However, there is no official translation for this piece of work that was published in internet since 2012 by Carlo Zen.

Each chapters consists of more than 15,545 words and more and local Japanese readers stated that there are several grammar issues and conflict of interest in the series. Yet, it was one of the popular web novel in the internet.


Volume 1

Contains Chapter 1 to Chapter 5

Tanya is barely returning back to the main HQ in Norden however, she is stopped by group of enemy mages. The Imperial Norden battalion regiment called for an artillery support. Tanya is focefully confront the upcoming aerial mages in about 10 minutes. In year 1923, the Legadonian - Empire War have turned the attention of all Great powers such as United Kingdom (in LN: Allied Kingdom), Republic and also the Rus Union and converted into the world's bloodiest and first Great War of the 20th Century.

_To be continued_

Volume 2

Chapter 6 - Chapter 10

Volume 3

Chapter 11 - Chapter 14

Volume 4

Chapter 15 - Chapter 19

Volume 5

Chapter 20 - Chapter 23

Volume 6

Chapter 24 - Chapter 28

Volume 7

Chapter 28 - Chapter 32

Volume 8

Chapter 32 - Chapter 35

Volume 9

Chapter 36 - Chapter 40

Volume 10

Chapter 41 - Chapter 46

Volume 11

Chapter 47 - Chapter 53

Volume 12

Volume 13

Volume 14

Volume 15

Volume 16