Séverin Bientôt

Severin Bientot Anime

Character Name
Full Name Séverin Bientôt
Kana セヴラン・ビアント
Personal Info
Gender Male
Weapons & Equipments
  • Rifle
  • Republic Flying Gear
Military Info
Military Rank

Colonel (Current)
Lieutenant Colonel (End of Vol. 2)

Allegiance Francois Republic
Voiced By Koyanagi Ryoukan (Japanese)

Kent Williams (English)

Anime Episode 2 Prologue

Séverin Bientôt is Captain of the 2nd Mage Squadron of the Francois Republic. His Mage Squadron is famous as the elite Special Forces.

He is a recurring antagonist of the Youjo Senki series.

Appearance Edit

He is seen wearing his military uniform.

Personality Edit

He has a patriotic characteristics and always carried his job properly.

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