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Rus Union flag

Rus Union (ルーシー連邦?) is a major country on the eastern side of the Empire. They originated as an aristocratic country lead by a Czar. However, it changed when communism spread in their nation resulting in a brutal civil war where the nationalists were defeated. Their capital city is Moscou.

International Relations

  • Allied Kingdom (連合王国?) - Both of them decided to signed an agreement to share information and make a convoy route to supply one another.
  • Empire (帝国) - The new government signed a nonaggression pact and other treaties with Empire, and kept its neutrality at the beginning of this war. However in year 1926, the Union declared war on the Empire upon the General Secretary's order.
  • Ildoa Kingdom (イルドア王国) - The Kingdom was accepted to come forward as an intermediary, who will hold the ceasefire negotiations between the Union and the Empire. Union stopped the activities of the radical left that were inside Ildoa as their requirement.
  • Autonomous Council (自治評議会) - The council consisted of the ethnic minorities (might refers to Baltic states, Belarus, and Ukraine) and the separatists, who desired the independence from the Union and were being strongly protected by the Empire. Because of them, the Union was forced to change their attitude from criticizing nationalism to emphasizing the unity of the party and the state.

Military Strength


They have a large population consisting of pro-communist group. However, they lacked of modern equipments and enough raw materials to use it. They had powerful artillery, simple yet durable infantry equipment, and many ski assault battalions that were excellent in snow battlefield.


During the Great Purge, most of the high-ranking naval officers had been executed or sent to the gulag. They have low amount of naval vessels and heavy long-ranged battleships. They also have no elite coach to train their navy who could equal the powers of other nations. In the volume 6, Drake described it as “the blank software with the antiquated hardware”.


They have large amount of normal forces but sometimes lack of training. These are the reason that some of their planes always ended up crashing either by The Empire planes or wrong landing. On the other side, during the Great Purge, most of the mages, whom the communists recognized as the idols of royalists, had been sent to the gulag. Hence, in the early period of the war against the Empire, the army suffer from the horrifying attack by the enemy's flight mages.



They developed their first Orb surpassing the Type-97 Elinium Prototype Orb, named "T3476".[1] They started to develop powerful tanks with heavy metal plates that has an equal strength with Panzers.


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  • Rus Union has a same references as Soviet Union during 1910's to 1990's.
  • On the maps that show up in the background of the anime, the country's name shows up as "Union of Rus Socialist Republics" in a highly stylized font.
  • During the first invasion against the Empire (beginning in 1926/3/15), the Union mobilized about 175 divisions to the east front, which was far out of the Empire's expectation about 120 divisions. At that time, the Imperial Eastern Front only had 60 divisions, and was pushed back from three directions.


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