Character Name
Full Name Romeel
Kana ロメール
Personal Info
Gender Male
Military Info
Military Rank Lieutenant General
Allegiance EmpireFlag The Empire
Novel The Finest Hour Chapter V Internal Affairs (Vol. 3)
Manga Not yet appear
Anime Not yet Appear

Romeel is the general who undertook the role of the Commander of Southern Continental Expeditionary Army, which later was upgraded to Army Group Southern Continent.

Personality Edit

He is a veteran who has experience in the battlefield of Rhine. He is clever, risk-taking, decisive, and competent to be the leader on maneuver warfare.

Biography Edit

He commands two divisions in the Southern Continent[1], one of which is the 5th Light Division, which later became the 21st Armored Division[2].

Trivia Edit

  • Based on his kana "ロメール", his name should be "Rohmer" exactly.
  • He was complimented by de Lugo as “probably the ultimate authority on maneuver warfare among his contemporaries.”

References Edit

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