Rhiner Neumann

First Lieutenant Rhiner Neumann


Character Name
Full Name Rhiner Neumann
Kana ライナー・ノイマン
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation EmpireFlag V601
Weapons & Equipments
  • Elinium Type 97 ‘Mobile Assault’ Operation Orb
  • Rifle
  • Empire Flying Gear
Military Info
Military Rank First Lieutenant
Allegiance EmpireFlag The Empire
Anime Episode 5 My First Battalion

Rhiner Neumann is serving as the 4th Company Commander of V601 under the command of Tanya Degurechaff.

Appearance Edit

He has a round face, brown hair and dark eyes. Additionally, he has a stout appearance in anime. He is seen wearing his military uniform and battle suit during combat.

Personality Edit

He is playful and always has a habit to tease his comrades about their lifestyle.

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