Plus Ultra


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Release Date May 31, 2014
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-729569-8
Number of Pages 562 or 573(depends on book)
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Plus Ultra is the 2nd volume in the Youjo Senki Light Novel series.

Short Summary Edit

Full Summary Edit

Chapter I: The Dakian War Edit

The 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion attacks the capital of Dakia, "Tamaya!".

Chapter II: Norden I Edit

203rd Aerial Mage Battalion transferred to Norden (Scandinavia).

Chapter III: Norden II Edit

General Staff decides to end the war in Scandinavia by landing troops behind enemy lines, and cutting off their supply lines to the front. Tanya also independently reaches that same conclusion, but she is thinking from her past precedence, ie MacArthur's Inchon landing. Tanya's battalion takes part in this operation as she engages Anson Sioux the second time. They fought earlier in Tanya's first engagement on 1923 (from which she got her Silver Wing medal).

Chapter IV: The devil in the coast of Norden Edit

Anson Sioux receives a submachine gun (a Tommy gun) as a gift from his daughter, Mary. Mary Sioux and her mother fled to the Unified States (similar to United States of America), because the Scandinavian forces are in disarray.

The Entente government decides to continue the war by going into exile (flee across the North Sea to the United Kingdom). The 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion is sent on a recon mission and encounters a fleet carrying the Entente government in exile. Anson Sue attempted to defend the fleet but Tanya kills him and stole his submachine gun (Tommy gun), and then attacks the one ship carrying most of the government in exile.

On the way back to base, Tanya and her battalion spots an unknown submarine and orders for it to be boarded. The submarine ignores the order, so Tanya fires warning shots at the sub. And the ship belonging to the United Kingdom (not Britain) sinks.

The UK intelligence service thinks there's a mole in their organization. Tanya doesn't know that she killed really important people and is worried that she failed in her duty to slow the fleet (so that the Reich's navy could destroy the fleet).

Chapter V: The Rhine's demon Edit

The 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion is transferred to the Rhine Front. Tanya is acquitted in a court martial (for the sinking of the sub). But this leads to more propaganda from the UK.

Second Lt Grantz also joins Tanya's battalion at the Rhine Front. Their first mission is to sneak into enemy lines at night and take some prisoners of war for interrogation. [In the anime, he had already joined the battalion.]

Meanwhile the General Staff debates Zettour's plan to entrap Republican Forces with a strategic retreat.

Chapter VI: Ordeal of fire Edit

Arraine rises in rebellion and Republican mages drop in to support the rebellion. Railway lines linking the Reich's forces at the Front with the Rear is cut. The 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion is ordered to quell the rebellion.

Tanya wiggles out of this by prioritizing the rescue of Reich's citizens rather than hunting down rebels (who declares that they will all resist to the end, thus technically terminating their legal status as civilians). In the end, when the 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion eliminates Republican mages by putting up magic shields, artillery shells then rain down on the city.

Chapter VII: Preparation for move forwards Edit

The 203rd Aerial Mage Battalion is ordered to fight a long range recon and combat mission to disguise the retreat of the main army from the Low Countries. This mission succeeds but at huge cost to the battalion.

The General Staff also comes up with their version of "Operation Shock and Awe."

Side story: A borrowed cat Edit

This is the Propaganda photo shoot that is at the very end of episode 2 in the Anime. That ends 560+ pages of vol 2.

Reference Edit

Thanks to u/MSG_Johnny2 who posted the summaries at r/YoujoSenki.

Volume Illustrations Edit

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