Omnes una manet nox


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Release Date January 12, 2018
ISBN ISBN 978-4-047348-77-6
Number of Pages 440
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Omnes una manet nox is the 9th volume of of the Youjo Senki light novel.

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Chapter I: Erosion Edit

Tanya, barely making it back alive to the Imperial Capital, is shocked by the difference in attitudes towards war in the battle from and in the homefront. She is confused since reading the newspaper sold in the train on her way to the Imperial Capital.

In the newspaper, soldiers in the Eastern Front have a pleasant life, as they are served warm food three times a day.

Tanya, resented by the news, orders her subordinate to buy all newspapers sold to read them. She hopes that it was because of the paper’s tone of argument.

However, it wasn’t the case. In all of the papers, they were expressing similar matters.

When Tanya arrives to the station, she finds out that the courtesy car, arranged by the General Staff Office, is going to be late.

She suppresses her anger, as she thinks that military should never be late for anything. She decides to make her subordinates fill in all the forms to apply for a vacation. As always, she seems to be using her units ‘accordingly.”

Colonel Rerugen is waiting for Tanya, who was grumpy at the moment, at the station. She had a bad feeling, that whenever one’s boss greets people, making their way all the way to the station, there is a purpose. Rerugen praises the Zalamander Kampfgruppe (Salamander Combat Group ) for its work in the Eastern front. And he gives them lavish party, even under distressed situation. He arranged the Kampfgruppe plenty of ration tickets so they can enjoy their vacation.

Colonel Rerugen requests Lieutenant Serebryakov to excuse herself temporarily. Tanya was cautious that he might tell her something troublesome. Unfortunately, Tanya’s concerns comes to reality. Rerugen says that the policy of the General Staff Office and the Supreme Council towards the war are starting to separate.

He seems to tell something unpleasant news to her ears. Colonel Rerugen asks her to listen carefully. Because of the difference in height, he decided to bend and crouch to equalize their distance to whisper something.

He whispers that there is rumour that there will be a possibility of bombing at the capital. Tanya looks surprised and asks if it would be the capital of Allied Kingdom, Londonium. However, it is not the one. She asks if it would be the capital of Rus Union, Moscou however, it is also not the place. He tells her there will be no more airstrike in the city of Moscou. Tanya looks confused what does he mean in the particular matter.  He just goes straight to the point and whispers her that there is a possibility that the city of Berlun will be bombed by something powerful enough to wipe out the Highest Council members.

Tanya is astounded. It is not a good news! He tells her that Colonel Bega’s plan to stop the war. One of his plans, he wants her to train more soldiers for reserve like Uga. Rerugen assumed that the detonation of bomb will be blame to the enemies and if ever the highest council dies they will use the reserve forces to encircle the capital. Tanya will be the one to lead the reserves and forces the government to sign peace.

Tanya starts to drop a lot of sweat around her face. It is because the plan will result for her becoming a traitor and accused of treason. (Read: Valkarie)

Unfortunately, Rerugen said it is just a secondary plan if the meeting doesn’t go very well in each sides.

Tanya changed the topic and proceeded to ask whether the Salamander Combatants are able to replenish personnel in quick respond.

However, he tells her clearly that it is impossible according to what Lieutenant General Rudendorf explanation in the meeting.

The empire has expanded their divisions in various ways, north, east, west and south, so it seems impossible to supplement their personnel.

Rerugen said that she will be free to talk it to Lieutenant General Rudersdorf. She asks herself what are the council meeting is doing? If this war just for their own desires then it should be result for victory then. She understand so well the logic that the Supreme Commander just seeking for one more victory to relieve the public’s opinion. But she assumes that he haven’t decided yet any goals for reaching it.

Tanya is going to be saddened with no goal settled, of how their nation could win, it would only result for bankruptcy of their state.

Fortunately, Lt. Gen. Rudersdorf understood the principles in war that the Empire was experiencing an abnormal state as well as Tanya without her consent.

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