Anson Sue Edit

Mary has had a loving relationship with her father, Anson, while Anson himself laments not spending as much time with her as he'd like. Before parting ways, Mary arranges for Anson to receive an advanced model of submachine gun as an early Christmas present. When she learned that her father was killed by Tanya, she joins the Unified States Army and swears to take revenge on her. Being X utilizes Mary's feelings towards Anson's death as the trigger for Mary's bloodlusts induced by the blessing.

Tanya von Degurechaff Edit

As the one who killed her father, she always lost her control in terms of battle whenever she heard the word "Devil of the Rhine". These words trigger her blessed orb that exceeds her hatred towards her.

Liliy Ivanova Taneechika Edit

Lilli and Mary have become friends shortly after meeting each other.

Being X Edit

She adores his presence to guide her in each battle. Being X gives his blessing to Mary to become a counter-balance and powerful adversary to the unfaithful Tanya. But while Mary’s power exceeds Tanya’s, Mary has less restraint and is more volatile in turn.