War College I is the sixth chapter of Youjo Senki Manga.

Summary Edit

The Imperial War College selection review commission reviews the candidates to allows into training for senior officer positions. As they review Tanya's candidature it is put in question by Rerugen who explains his doubt on her mental sanity. This is followed by a few pages from when he had met her in the training during official visits where he personally expressed amazement at her knowledge and understanding with a desire to have her in the army. He expressed his concerns grew when she was trying to punish a new classmate for mutiny and tried to pry his head open.

Yet it is brushed off as an indirect way to investigate the lack of transparency from the personnel department. She is thus transferred to the War College for Senior Officer training. Visha was sent off to officer training as per Tanya's recommendation. The chapter ends by Tanya coming face to face with General Zettour.