Die Wacht am Rhein III (ラインの護りIII) is the fifth chapter of Youjo Senki Manga.

Summary Edit

A few pages to recap the story so far before jumping into the preparation for the rescue operation. Visha coming straight from the capital has an outdated computational jewel compared to those on the front-line. The team passes a comment about how the type-95 elenium of Tanya looks holy and makes her seem like an apostle of God.

When the 3rd flight lead by Tanya reached the front lines the observers were eliminated, Rescue operation was a failure. Tanya thus makes the call to cleanup the exhausted Republic mages and attain the title of Ace (50 confirmed kills). Tanya displayed her full superiority of the type-95 jewel by fighting at an altitude of 12'000 feet (note the normal mage height is 6'000 feet).

Tanya eliminated most of the Republic named mages (note named mages are those whose mana signature can be recognized and have at least 5 kills). Her large spell was recorded by a lone Republican jewel and returned to Parisii where they pray to God for help against her.

Characters Edit

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