Magic is the phenomenon where mages use their mana to interfere with the world, mages need an Operation Orb to do this.

Operation Orb Edit

Main Article: Operation Orb

Sceptre Edit

Sceptres are tools mages use when casting spells, often rifles are used. A few mages can even use their fingertips as sceptres.

Spells Edit

Expert mages uses rifles and the like as sceptres and fire spells in lieu of bullets.

A few mages can go as far as firing spells from their fingertips.

Defensive Spells Edit

  • Passive Shell: Protects against small fragments, small caliber bullets and blastwaves. Can be kept on indefinitely, also easy to cast together with other spells.
  • Active Barrier: Increasing the density of the shell in one part to create a shield that can withstand machine gun fire. Whether it provides adaquate protection depends on the mage's skill.

Offensive Spells Edit

  • Enchanted Rounds: Sealing spells inside bullets or grenades to activate as required. Spells can be activated with minimal mana, but the rounds need to be prepared.
    • Homing Cluster Shot: Any bullets that imbued with this spell will split into several homing projectiles upon reaching certain range and seek out the target.
    • Artillery Shots: Any bullets that imbued with this spell will have their firepower enhanced to be comparable with artillery shots.
  • Optical Spells: Emit a straight heat beam. Skilled mages can refract it to change its course.
  • Explosive Spells: Create an explosion at any coordinate.
  • Self-Destruction: Overloading one's Operation Orb with Mana that causing it to reach critical mass and explodes, injuring the user and surrounding the enemies if not outright killing th.
  • Guidance/Interference Spells:
  • Enchanted Bayonet Bayonet that imbued with this spell will become sharper and durable that the user can easily beheading a man and will not impeded by anything between them.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Illusion Magic: Create an illusion that will interfering senses of those around the user when it casted. Skilled mage can easily differentiate between what is real and the illusion.
  • Scanning Magic:

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