Abyssus abyssum invocatAdelheid von SchugelAdelheid von Schugel/Image Gallery
Adelheid von Schugel/RelationshipsAllied KingdomAndrew
Anime ListAnson SiouxAnson Sioux/Image Gallery
Anson Sioux/RelationshipsBeing XBeing X/Image Gallery
Being X/RelationshipsBlogs and ChatCarlo Zen
Dabit deus his quoque finemDeus lo vultEmpire
Erich von RerugenErich von Rerugen/Image GalleryErich von Rerugen/Relationships
EryaFrancois RepublicGrand Duchy of Dakia
GunnerGunner/Image GalleryHans von Zettour
Hans von Zettour/Image GalleryHans von Zettour/RelationshipsHarald von Vist
Harald von Vist/Image GalleryHarald von Vist/RelationshipsHeinrich Schreise
Ihlen SchwarzkopfIhlen Schwarzkopf/Image GalleryIhlen Schwarzkopf/Relationships
Ildoa KingdomImperial Army 203rd Air Mage BattalionIn omnia paratus
Isaac Dustin DrakeIsaac Dustin Drake/Image GalleryIsaac Dustin Drake/Relationships
JINGO JUNGLEJohn DoeKurst von Walhorf
Kurst von Walhorf/Image GalleryKurst von Walhorf/RelationshipsKurt von Rudersdorf
Kurt von Rudersdorf/Image GalleryKurt von Rudersdorf/RelationshipsLavrentiy Beria
Lavrentiy Beria/Image GalleryLavrentiy Beria/RelationshipsLegadonia Entente Alliance
List of CharactersLos! Los! Los!Magic
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Manga Chapter 7Manga Chapter 8Mary Sioux
Mary Sioux/Image GalleryMary Sioux/RelationshipsMatheus Johan Weiss
Matheus Johan Weiss/Image GalleryMatheus Johan Weiss/RelationshipsMaximilian Johann von Ugar
Mortiz Paul Von HanNationsNil admirari
Omnes una manet noxOperation OrbPierre-Michel de Lugo
Pierre-Michel de Lugo/Image GalleryPierre-Michel de Lugo/RelationshipsPlus Ultra
Rhiner NeumannRulesRus Union
Sensen no RealismShinobu ShinotsukiSéverin Bientôt
Séverin Bientôt/Image GallerySéverin Bientôt/RelationshipsTanya von Degurechaff
Tanya von Degurechaff/Image GalleryTanya von Degurechaff/RelationshipsTanya von Degurechaff/WLN
The Finest HourTreatment of VandalismUnified States
Ut sementem feceris, ita metesViktoriya Ivanovna SerebryakovViktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov/Image Gallery
Viktoriya Ivanovna Serebryakov/RelationshipsVooren GlanzVooren Glanz/Image Gallery
Vooren Glanz/RelationshipsWeaponsWilibald Koenig
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