Youjo Senki Federation Flag 2

Flag of Legadonia

Legadonia Entente Alliance (レガドニア協商連合) is located in the north of the Empire. Legadonia claims the territory of Norden, which is under the Empire's control. Mountains make up large parts of the country's landscapes.


The highest government body of the Entente Alliance is the Council of Ten. While not directly explained, the council is probably more similar to a cabinet than a parliament, due to the full titles of the councilors[Notes 1].

Before the story began, the Entente Alliance had a change in administration, and a nationalistic government came into power. In June, 1923, the Entente Alliance marched into Norden, which they consider rightfully theirs, but was soundly defeated by the Empire, who declared war in response.

By November 4, 1924, the government that was responsible for the war had been replaced, but the new government could barely resist the Empire's advance. Following the loss of Osfjord on December 1, the Council of Ten tried to create a government-in-exile abroad by sending Councilor Urbansaul of the Army to Albion, but was cut short when Tanya's 203rd Battalion intercepted his submarine.


  • Legadonia's location corresponds to real-life Sweden and Norway. 
  • On the maps that show up in the background of the anime, the country's name shows up as "Legadonia entente union" in a highly stylized font. 


  1. The Councilors of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, and the Army were mentioned in Norden I, and the Councilor of Culture was mentioned in The Devil in the Coast of Norden.