Loliya LN


Character Name
Other Name Лолия
Kana ロリヤ
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation Youjo Senki Rus Union Flag HQ CroppedNKVD
Military Info
Allegiance Youjo Senki Rus Union Flag HQ Cropped Rus Union
Novel Chapter 2 Goodwill Visit (Vol. 4)
Anime Episode 12 How to Use a Victory (Cameo)

Loliya is one of the main antagonists of the series. Loliya is a pedophile, whose primary objective is to capture his beautiful maiden and love interest, Tanya von Degurechaff.

As the Head of the NKVD, he took an important role in the Great Purge, ordering of many so-called "enemy of the people" (such as nobles, monarchists, high-ranking officers, mages) arrested and sending them into the gulag. He perfectly suppresses the reactionary inside the Union, and gets in the general secretary's confidence. After the first invasion against the Empire was defeated, he persuaded the politburo to release and give the high-ranking officers and mages, who were in the gulag, the reinstatement.

Personality Edit

As a pedophilic man, Loliya has an obsession to capture Tanya and revels in the idea of enacting his sexual desires upon her.

Besides his pedophilia, he is also a ruthless yet competent official. He is clever and loyal to his duties, making him the trusted subordinate to General Secretary Joseph.

Quotes Edit

(Loliya while watching Tanya during Moscou Raid) : "I want her. I must get her. I'm gonna get her anyway."


  • His name is reference to Lavrentiy Beria, the infamous secret police chief and politician of Soviet Union during Cold War. Similar to his fictional counterpart, Beria too was a known sexual predator whose competence was the only reason he was never incarcerated by Stalin.
  • Loliya comes from the two Japanese words: "Loli (ロリ)", which means 'little girl', and "Ya" from yandere (ヤンデレ), which means psychotic lover.
  • He is a pedophile owing to the fact that he loves and has sexual desire for Tanya.