Kurt von Rudersdorf

Kurt Anime Full Body



Character Name
Full Name Kurt von Rudersdorf
Kana クルト・フォン・ルーデルドルフ
Aliases Kurt
Personal Info
Gender Male
Military Info
Military Rank Brigadier General
Allegiance EmpireFlagThe Empire
Novel Chapter 3 The Watch/Guard On The Rhine (Vol. 1)
Manga Chapter 5 The Watch/Guard On The Rhine (Vol. 1)
Anime Episode 1 The Devil of the Rhine
Audio Drama

Kurt von Rudersdorf a.k.a. Rudelsdorf is a Brigadier General in the Empire's army. Currently serving as the Deputy Operations Chief of Staff.

Appearance Edit

He has dark greyish hair and a moustache. He wears his officer uniform during the meetings and he is always seen smoking on a cigar.

Personality Edit

He is a critical thinker and always considers the possibilities in his surroundings. Acts calm and disciplined in general assembly and official meetings.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • His name is reference to Erich von Ludendorff , a notable known German general during World War I, responsible for several victories in the eastern front and the adoption of deep defense doctrine. However, his character seems a mixture between Ludendorff and Hindenburg.

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