Isaac Dustin Drake

06 0087

Issac Drake stand

Character Name
Full Name Isaac Dustin Drake
Kana サー・アイザック・ダスティン・ドレイク
Personal Info
Gender Male
Weapons & Equipments
  • Rifle
  • UK Flying Gear
Military Info
Military Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Allegiance Allied Kingdom
Anime Episode 6 Beginning of Madness

Sir Isaac Dustin Drake is a Captain of a Naval Mage Wing in light novel. In anime, he also has experience serving under Army Military Intelligence in the Legadonia Entente Alliance.

Appearance Edit

He wears an old-styled WW1 British uniform.

Personality Edit

His curiousity and hunger for knowledge makes him more dangerous. He is very diligent and smart person making him to be appointed as both spy and one of the trusted military officers in the field.

Trivia Edit

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