Parisii, captial of Francois Republic

Parisii, capital of Francois Republic

Francois Republic (フランソワ共和国) is one of the major powers allied against the Empire. Capital City is Parisii.

Specific operational, tactical, and strategic decisions by the high command on both sides of the conflict led to shifts in organizational capacity, as the Republican Army tried to respond to day-to-day fighting and long-term strategic and operational agendas. In particular, many problems caused the French high command to re-evaluate standard procedures, revise its command structures, re-equip the army, and to develop different tactical approaches.

International Relations Edit

Allied Kingdom (連合王国?) -They signed a pact where Allied Kingdom will provide intel about the military and economic data of the Empire. Lending resources and provide ship cover in English Channel.

Unified States

Trivia Edit

  • The Francious Republic has a same preference of French army during WW1.
  • On the maps that show up in the background of the anime, the country's name shows up as "François Republic" in a highly stylized font.

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