Mages is a term for humans with special ability to store and channel Mana as means to cast spells and affect changes, giving them better advantages than civilians. Therefore, they held important roles in military.

Descriptions Edit

According to the legends, they can cast spells with Orbs and Scepters as conduits. Nowadays, with mankind gained better understanding in their powers, magic engineers achieved orb modernization, enabling mages to systematically cast spells and replace scepters with other tools such as bayonet-mounting spell rifles. This phenomenal breakthrough finally led to a formation of a new type of military unit, soldiers who able to cast magic.

Mages have roughly three kinds, such as Mage observers in Army, Navy Mages, and Aerial Mages.

Universally, mages are armed with single-core Operation Orbs which aside casting magic, giving them ability to take flight with maximum speed of 250 mph and altitude limit of 6000 feet. They have weaker firepower than artillery, while their speed and altitude is lower than an aircraft. Although, they can move more flexibly than a helicopter, yet are rare to supply troops. They are also known as the best type of military unit in close quarters battle, urban guerrilla warfare, and special operations.


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