Anson Sue

Anson Sue in volume 2 chapter 4

Anson Sioux


Character Name
Full Name Anson Sue
Other Name See Terminologies
Kana アンソン・スー大佐
Personal Info
Gender Male
Weapons & Equipments
  • M1 Garand Rifle
  • Legadonia Flying Gear
  • American-Model Tommy Gun
  • Trench Gun (Winchester Model 1897)
Military Info
Military Rank

Colonel (Current) [1]
Lieutenant Colonel [2]

Allegiance Youjo Senki Federation Flag 2 Legadonia Entente Alliance
Novel Chapter 1 The Sky In Norden (Vol. 1)
Manga Chapter 1 Prologue (Vol. 1)
Anime Episode 2 Prologue

Anson Sue[3] or Anson Sioux [4] is the commanding officer of the Legadonia Entente Alliance's 5th Air Mage Battalion.

Abilities Edit

Prayer/Blessing/Gospel Magic (Anime only)

He has the same blessing coming from Being X that is equivalent to Tanya Degurechaff's powers. However, it doesn't need an Elinium to be activated and, like Tanya can only be activated by a prayer. As seen in episode 10, he is able to enhance the damage of his bullets. Unlike Tanya, he has a good grasp of accuracy and higher mana capacity.

Plot Edit

He first debuted as the commander of 5th Air Mage Battalion when Norden Incident occurred. At that time, they were supporting the surviving forces in their retreat, attacking the mage observer of the Empire. They successfully broke through the Empire's sturdy air defensive line, attacking Tanya, the mage observer, for interfering the enemy's artillery. Tanya shot 1 down and heavily damaged 2, and got heavily injured in this battle. Eventually, they retreated for having shot down the observer.

He second debuted when he got promoted to colonel. His battalion was being reorganized in Os city. In the battle of Osfjord, he smartly found the enemy's intention and dispatched his mage battalion at once. His battalion fought against 203rd Flight Mage Battalion, and finally retreated because of the enemy's reinforcement.

He third debuted when he took farewell with his family in Port Arnelus. His family will flee to his wife's parents' home in the US, yet he stayed here as a soldier. He received his daughter's Christmas present, which was a submachine gun.

He last debuted when 203rd Flight Mage Battalion accidentally encountered the Legadonia's Fleet in the sea. He tried intercepting them, but he finally failed and was bayoneted by Tanya. His submachine gun was taken by Tanya, and got knocked down into the sea.

Quotes Edit

Anson Sue ‘Eternal Homeland’ : If we are to send our young ones calmly to their death, there has to be an adult leading them from the front.

Differences between various Media Edit

The light novel Edit

See Plot.

The anime Edit

His battalion seems got more casualties by Tanya than in light novel. He was bayoneted and knocked down into the sea by Tanya in the battle of Osfjord.

During the end of episode 8 of the anime series he got survived, but wounded. He revealed that God has told him to destroy the Devil of Rhine, and received the power from God.

In episode 11, he was finally defeated by blowing himself like Tanya did to his first company during their first encounter.

The manga Edit

It gets close to the light novel except a few points. His battalion seems also got more casualties by Tanya than in light novel. After falling into the sea, he prayed to gods, hoping they will give his daughter a better future. His wish was heard, so his daughter, Mary Sue, received a miracle from gods.

References Edit

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