Anson Sioux

Anson Sioux

Anson Manga Ch 1

Character Name
Full Name Anson Sioux
Other Name Anson Sue
Kana アンソン・スー大佐
Personal Info
Gender Male
Weapons & Equipments
  • M1 Garand Rifle
  • Legadonia Flying Gear
  • American-Model Tommy Gun
  • Trench Gun (Winchester Model 1897)
Military Info
Military Rank
Colonel (Current) [1]

Lieutenant Colonel [2]

Allegiance Legadonia Entente Alliance
Novel Chapter 1 The Sky In Norden (Vol. 1)
Manga Chapter 1 Prologue (Vol. 1)
Anime Episode 2 Prologue

Anson Sioux[3] or Anson Sue[4] is the commanding officer of the Legadonia Entente Alliance's 5th Air Mage Battalion who is first seen when they encountered previous rank Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff during her first combat mission.

He is one of the antagonists of the series of Youjo Senki.

In the Plus Ultra, he was seen to be killed in action by Tanya Degurechaff by stabbing his heart during the Battle of Fjord.

During the end of the episode 8 of the anime series he is seen alive, but wounded. He reveals that God has told him to destroy the Devil of Rhine.

In episode 11, he is finally defeated by blowing himself like Tanya did to his first company during their first encounter (Prologue).

Abilities Edit

Prayer/Blessing/Gospel Magic

He has the same blessing coming from Being X that is equivalent to Tanya Degurechaff's powers. However, it doesn't need an Elinium to be activate and only a prayer can do that. As seen in episode 10, he is able to enhance the damage of his bullets. Unlike Tanya, he has a a good grasp in accuracy and higher mana capacity.

References Edit

  1. Anime: Episode 6 My First Battalion
  2. LN: Deus lo vult Chapter 0 Prologue; Anime: Episode 2 Prologue
  3. The spelling used by Crunchyroll, the anime's official English licenser.
  4. The spelling used by the official Japanese website.

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