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• 5/4/2017

Light Novel Series

This is a an official discussion. If you ever want to say something. Here it is, the discussion stuff :)
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• 6/14/2017
You may go in here to share your thoughts. Thank you.
• 9/11/2018
Tanya is out to fight "Being X" who claims to be God.
That "Being X" and other beings survive on people believe in them is kinda silly. But I would like people take the proposition of trying to fight God, being itself, the universe or whatever You prefer to call it seriously. And I am not trying to say that it's stupid because you couldn't win against God,you could certainly try, nor that Tanya or anyone else doesn't have a good reason to hate God.
• 9/11/2018
Lol, blame being X for that. ;)
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