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New Regulation on Spoilers

Good day contributors. If you haven't notice we have a new board of admin and moderators, and in good spirit to improve our wikia we have decided to implement new regulation on spoiler.
We have cleaned most of WN materials from wikia because it's no longer canon with Light Novel publication and some articles have mixed information due to spoilers from Web Novel. So Web Novel section was deleted because it did more harm than good to credibility of our articles.

We also decide to be stricter on spoiler from untranslated materials, due to difficulties of confirming the legibility from original Japanese source.
As of now, only contributors who can read and understand Japanese like our new owner Miralisque and admin Arcunin (from official TW translation) are allowed to edit our wikia with untranslated materials, and we will still ask for confirmation from them for each major editing. This also apply to those who use machine translator to read information from Japanese and TW wikia, as they're unreliable translation and we can't accept them.

If you can read Japanese and have read untranslated materials, please come forward in this discussion or our discord channel to inform admins.
Please understand that we're not limiting your freedom to contribute to our wikia, this is merely precaution and part of new admin board's effort to improve quality of articles. Also, as of now... majority of important articles are protected so that only registered contributors can edit our articles. This is to enforce all members to be responsible of their writing and to minimize vandalism.
Several pages are admin only, this is to severe damage to credibility of information popular pages like Tanya von Degurechaff. So for the time being, all edits for these vital pages have to be informed to admin beforehand so we could edit it on your behalf. If you can't reach us in wikia, please join one of discord server on our front page.

Best Regards,

Youjo Senki Wikia Admin
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